Usdaw vying for talks with troubled retailer
Union Usdaw is seeking an urgent meeting with senior Kwik Save management after the retailer announced it will close another 22 stores, despite saying earlier this week that it would re-open 20 shops.

Usdaw national officer Joanne McGuinness said: 'This is another devastating and deeply distressing blow to our members, who have performed miracles keeping the stores open. Staff arrived at the stores this morning to be told they were being made redundant and that the stores will close today.

'Usdaw is seeking an urgent meeting with Kwik Save to find out when our members will receive their redundancy packages and how the company intends to rebuild trust with staff in the remaining stores, who have real concerns about their long-term job security.'

Last month, the beleaguered company revealed it was closing 79 of its 182 stores. The retailer operates the bulk of its stores in the north of England.

Usdaw will also question the retailer about its strategy for the remaining stores and how it intends to resolve serious issues within the supply chain, which has left some stores with little stock.

Kwik Save is facing a court hearing in Leeds tomorrow, which could determine the fate of the retailer.