Specialist plans to stay ahead of its rivals
Photographic specialist Jessops may revamp its entire 278-store portfolio to make it more digitally friendly.

Jessops is opting to focus on digital rather than analogue products and the new store format, which includes digital photo processing kiosks, could be rolled out across the UK and Ireland.

'If the results continue to deliver and impress over Christmas, we will look at rolling out the format across all stores,' said Jessops chief executive Chris Langley. 'Digital will overtake film by next summer and we aim to lead the digital printing revolution.'

The kiosks and format are being tested at six stores and, depending on the outcome, the retailer hopes to have 25 of the new-style shops by Christmas.

Retail analyst Nick Bubb said: 'Jessops may be feeling a bit down in the mouth about the lowly share price but the business is making an interesting push into the fast-growing digital printing market.'

As part of the revamp, window displays will be cleared so that shoppers can see the kiosks and the shopfloor will give more prominence to digital products.

According to Pixology, which provides processing technology to Jessops, as well as Tesco, Asda and Boots, sales of analogue film and cameras are in 'terminal decline'. However, despite its focus on digital, Jessops said it would continue to stock and sell traditional cameras and accessories in keeping with demand.