“Remember my face, because in the future we will have the potential of doing business and, if we do it nicely, we’ll be doing big business,” Ma said at Retail Week Live.

The corporate vice president of the Chinese marketplace etailer may not be as well known to UK business leaders as its rival Alibaba, but Ma is adamant that this will not be the case for long.

“Today JD.com Inc is China’s largest ecommerce retailer – you may have heard different stories, but we are the largest by revenue,” he said.

“We’re offering authentic quality products guaranteed and this is the key differentiator for us,” he added, in a sly nod to Alibaba’s ongoing efforts to remove counterfeit goods across its various platforms.

JD.com Inc floated on the New York stock exchange in 2014 and Ma said it is “the first and only Chinese company” to enter the prestigious Fortune 500 listed companies.

The etailer is also working with international business partners after Walmart increased its stake in the business last year.

“We have established a strategic partnership with Walmart, and they have opened a flagship online store with us – we hope that the British will open there too,” said Ma.

As well as emphasising the guarantee of provenance across its product range, Ma was keen to stress that JD.com Inc’s use of data enabled it to “predict safety and recall issues and pinpoint trouble spots with particular suppliers,” ahead of time.

“Trust us, we’re thriving,” said Ma.

“JD.com makes life easier and better for Chinese customers by offering the best shopping experience.”