International News - Federated to roll out Macy's across the US

US retail giant Federated Department Stores is rolling out its Macy's brand across America.

The famous Macy's name will be incorporated on the fascias of regional store chains The Bon Marche, Lazarus and Goldsmith's.

The approach was tested on customers at southern chain Rich's earlier this year and the new identity Rich's-Macy's was well received.

Federated president and chief executive Terry Lundgren said: 'By layering the powerful Macy's national brand onto Federated's strong divisional operations and regional nameplates, we will be able to capitalise fully, nationally on the powerful Macy's brand for the first time and operate more efficiently as a company.'

By the end of the summer, The Bon Marche will be rebadged The Bon-Macy's, Lazarus will be Lazarus-Macy's and Goldsmith's, Goldsmith's-Macy's. Florida-based Burdines will follow suit in February next year.