Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has joined retailers such as Asda and Tesco by offering a mobile phone service.

The Ikea-branded service, called Family Mobile, will be available to all of its loyalty scheme customers from Friday (August 8).

Ikea has partnered with mobile phone operator T-Mobile to offer its 1.4 million loyalty scheme members the pay-as-you-go package. It will also give its 9,500 UK staff a handset and£5 of free calls.

According to Ikea, the service is at least 25 per cent cheaper than similar pay-as-you-go offers. There is no monthly contract and start-up only requires an initial purchase of£10 worth of airtime.

Ikea CRM manager for the UK Jason Baker said: “In the present climate, where every penny counts, Ikea is offering another benefit to our loyal customers. You can’t control the rising cost of petrol, utility bills or food, but Family Mobile can help you take control of your mobile phone costs.”