Retail news round-up on January 3, 2014: House of Fraser to float this year, Walmart recalls donkey meat product after fox contmination, Dixons sees online traffic surge and Co-op launches January sale.

House of Fraser expects listing before end of 2014

House of Fraser is expecting to get away its stock market floatation by the end of 2014, according to chief executive John King. The retailer remains in exclusive talks regarding a potential acquisition by its French department store chain Galeries Lafayette but an IPO is still on the agenda, The Times reported. However, King declined to talk about negotiations with the Galeries Lafayette. He added that the firm remained focused on the IPO.

Walmart recalls Chinese donkey meat after DNA of other animals found

US retail giant Walmart’s ‘five spice’ donkey product has been recalled from some outlets in China amid fears that the meat has been contaminated with fox, The BBC reported. The retailer has admitted that DNA traces from other animals have been found after testing its donkey meat. The supermarket will help the watchdog Shandong Food and Drug Administration to investigate its Chinese supplier, and beef up its food safety rules.

The manager at a supplier factory has already been detained. WalMart’s China boss Greg Foran has apologised ‘for this whole affair’. Walmart added that it would reimburse Chinese consumers who purchased the item. The move comes almost a year after UK retailers were found to be selling beef products containing horse meat.

Currys and PC World websites drew record shoppers over Christmas period

Currys and PC World’s websites drew record shopper numbers on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The sites enjoyed a 16% surge in year-on-year website traffic from the start of their Christmas sale from 7 pm Christmas Eve to 12 am Christmas Day.

Co-operative Food to launch national sales promotion in January

The Co-operative Food is launching a national sales promotion this January that offers customers up to 25% off a future shop, thereby supporting cash strapped shoppers. Shoppers who spend £20 or more between now and January 14 will receive a coupon worth £5.00 off their next £20 shop, at any of the 2,800 Co-op food stores throughout the UK, up until January 28.