Sofa retailer CSL is set to roll out iPad minis to its entire store estate in a new £1m project, which is expected to significantly increase sales.

CSL will initially install 90 devices in its new 22,000 sq ft store in Paisley, Scotland which opens tomorrow.

They will allow customers to look through the different colours and style options for sofas that are available to order but which are not on display due to space restrictions in store. It also shows customers stock availability and allows CSL to easily update the range electronically.

The remainder of CSL’s 2,300 iPad minis will be installed in the remainder of its 24 stores next month.

CSL managing director Jason Tyldesley said: “Innovation with customer experience and delivering great product range and specialist advice has been at the heart of our success at CSL, so it was only natural that we would lead the way in creating a far more interactive customer experience in our stores.

“Over the last year we’ve witnessed a significant increase in direct orders through our online business, particularly from customers north of the border. There’s clear evidence that our customers are embracing technology and are looking for a more visually engaging, interactive experience.”

CSL has extended the depth of its offer to offer 30 sofas in up to 40 colours in each range over the past 18 months.

Tyldesley said CSL has recorded a 20-30% uplift in customer conversion since the extended range went live on its website and he expects a similar rate through the introduction of the new ranges.