The wholesale division of northern Irish Spar franchisee Hendersons Group has implemented an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system to complement its voice picking deployment.

The ePOD system from Zetes has so far been implemented in its ambient warehouse, integrated with Hendersons’ warehouse management system, in order to improve stock and asset management.

Hendersons had already worked with Zetes to improve productivity in its distribution centres with a voice picking system. The combination of systems has allowed Hendersons to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in shrinkage as a result of better asset and stock traceability.

Hendersons logistics director Pat McGarry explained: “In monetary terms this has equated to a£125,000 saving from better stock management and an additional£50,000 saved through improved asset tracking of roller cages, which illustrates the very rapid investment returns achievable with such systems.”

Zetes vice president of UK, Ireland and Nordics said: “Over the coming months we will be completing additional projects for Hendersons to replicate the ‘shelf to shelf-edge traceability’ it has in the ambient warehouse to all its distribution centres.”