Boots has unveiled its key Christmas trends, which include preparing for the “most value Christmas ever”.

Seb James

Seb James: ‘Anybody who hasn’t gone value, value, value this year is going to have a shocking time’

The health and beauty retailer has placed deals at the heart of its festive plans including £10 Tuesdays and 50% of its Christmas gifting ranges priced under £10.

Boots chief executive Seb James told Retail Week the retailer is prepared for its biggest and most affordable Christmas to date.

“We think it’ll be our biggest one ever,” James said.

“Last year, just as we went to the Black Friday, omicron was happening and as a result, lots of people stayed home self-isolating, so we found that we saw this enormous surge of demand online and because it was so sudden, we couldn’t meet it and had long delivery times.

“This year, they can do whatever they like, we’ll be ready, and we think there’s 6% or 7% of people we didn’t get last year that we now can.”

James said value will be key for all retailers to succeed this Christmas.

“I think anybody who hasn’t gone ‘value, value, value’ this year is going to have a shocking time, I really do,” he added.

Boots has honed in on other key trends for Christmas including having its most sustainable holiday season and focusing on home and gifting products.

Boots deliveries now come plastic-free in biodegradable cardboard boxes with paper tape.

The retailer has also recognised a shift towards the Danish concept of hygge, James said, where consumers are using beauty and wellness products, as well as homewares, to create a sense of cosiness across the festive season.