Waitrose will close part of its loyalty scheme this month, which allows shoppers to pick which items they want discounted, after it confused customers.

The upmarket grocer will discontinue the loyalty scheme which gives shoppers with a myWaitrose card a 20% discount on 10 items of their choice across a range of hundreds by the end of February.

The scheme, which was designed to give shoppers more freedom to choose which items they wanted a deal on, was launched in June 2015 and described as “groundbreaking” by former managing director Mark Price.

However, according to The Guardian, the retailer has closed this division of its loyalty scheme because it didn’t work for shoppers, who had to remember which items they had pre-selected to get discounts on online.

In a staff briefing document Waitrose said customers found the “process for choosing and remembering their picks quite confusing”.

The document said the grocer will replace its ‘pick your own offers’ scheme by “investing more in tailored vouchers and personalised offers sent through the post or at the checkout”.

This scheme will be similar to stablemate John Lewis’ loyalty offer for myJohnLewis card holders.

A spokesman for Waitrose said: “We are always looking at how we reward our customers. We will be contacting all myWaitrose members on Thursday about how they can make savings more easily on the products they buy most often.”