Tesco has sparked outrage with changes to its Clubcard, with some shoppers insisting the “simplified” rewards scheme will mean they get less for their points.

Users had been able to get four times the value of their vouchers on rewards such as eating out, days out and travel. Following the revamp, they will only be able to get three times the value.

Tesco said the changes were designed to “make things easier” as there was disparity over the value attributed to the vouchers at partner companies. Although some partners accepted four times the value of the voucher, some only accepted twice the value.

Following the changes, most places of redemption take vouchers at three times their value.

Lack of notice

Tesco emailed customers on Monday to inform them of the changes, which were introduced immediately.

The Tesco website explained it was “simplifying” the rewards so people did not “have to keep checking whether you’re getting two times or four times the value depending on which reward you’re claiming”.

However, some shoppers criticised customers for not giving users any prior notice to the changes.


While the grocer said any orders already placed for vouchers would be honoured, it did not give any time for customers to cash in vouchers which they had been saving.

Martin Lewis, founder of the Money Saving Expert website, called on Tesco to rethink its decision, particularly its immediate introduction.

Lewis said the move was “a slap in the face to hundreds of thousands of loyal customers”.

“This is a terrible policy implementation by Tesco. I call on it to urgently review its policy to give a window of opportunity to those who’ve already saved substantial points and will lose out by these changes to still redeem at the prior value.”