Tesco has deemed the mislabelling of pork, which it said was British but was found to be Dutch, as “unacceptable”, in another mislabelling scandal for the grocer.

Tesco said it was “extremely disappointed”. A spokeswoman added: “When we specify that we want British pork, we expect to be supplied with British pork. We have spoken with our supplier to make clear that this mistake is unacceptable.”

The British Pig Executive tested two pork chops and found the meat was probably Dutch with just a 1% chance of it being British, as the label claimed. A BBC investigation discovered the Dutch pork.

The revelation comes after the supermarket was forced to issue apologies for selling horse meat labelled as beef earlier this year. In the fall out, Tesco promised to vigilantly track the provenance of its food.

The mislabelled pork was supplied by Cranswick, which said it was bought from Wolverhampton supplier FA Gill. However, FA Gill disputed Cranswick’s statement and said all its meat came from the UK, according to the Independent.

A spokesman said: “FA Gill can categorically deny that the pork came from their supply as we do not deal with Dutch meat. We correctly label the products we sell to our customers and we have the documentation to prove this.”

Tesco said it was too early to say whether it would end its relationship with either supplier.