Sainsbury’s has launched an electric vehicle (EV) charging business called Smart Charge.

Sainsbury's Smart Charge 1

Sainsbury’s has launched an EV charging business

The supermarket giant is targeting more than 750 ultra-rapid charging bays for EVs in more than 100 of its store car parks by the end of 2024.

Sainsbury’s said it hopes users of the Smart Charge operation will use the time it takes to charge their vehicles to shop in stores.

The retailer said its 150kW Smart Charge bays will allow users to fully charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes, providing enough power to travel 200 miles.

The announcement comes the same week that BT, the UK’s largest telecoms group, said it would convert the first of its street cabinets – previously used to house cabling – into an EV charging unit in a pilot it said could open 60,000 new charging points across the country.

BT said its research showed that a shortage of charging points was the biggest deterrent for many Britons when considering whether or not to buy an electric vehicle.

The UK government has previously stated it wants 300,000 EV charging points across the country by the 2030s.