Ted Baker has debuted an advert showcasing its latest collection that shoppers can click on to purchase featured clothing items.

Ted Baker Mission Impeccable ad

Ted Baker Mission Impeccable ad

Ted Baker has debuted a shoppable advert showcasing its latest collection

The fashion retailer’s three-minute advert entitled Mission Impeccable was launched this month, allowing shoppers to buy items from its website.

Ted Baker Mission Impeccable advert

UK customers will also be able to buy clothing items featured in the advert from the Selfridges website, while US shoppers will be able to shop for products on Nordstrom.com.

The advert, which was executive produced by film director Guy Ritchie and made in collaboration with creative agency Poke, follows the story of three secret agents trying to avert a crisis caused by master villain ‘The Needle’.

To coincide with the advertising campaign, Ted Baker partnered with Google on a voice-activated fashion app.

Shoppers can say slogans featured on windows of the fashion retailer’s bricks-and-mortar stores into their Google app to received prizes inside.

Ted Baker’s global brand communications director Craig Smith said: “Ted is always pushing the envelope with how it communicates and engages its customers, and this season we’ve achieved that on multiple fronts.

“The Mission Impeccable campaign film is the main event; but more than being just a great-looking brand piece, it’s also available as an interactive and fully ‘shoppable’ look book across multiple platforms and devices.”