George at Asda is introducing a series of initiatives to broaden its appeal as it attempts to double sales within five years.

George has restructured its kids­wear offer and is working with

customers and parenting portal Mumsnet on its designs. It is also expanding into new locations and has kicked off a piece of research to help it target a wider customer base.

George at Asda managing director Andrew Moore said the clothing brand hit its previous goal to be number one in volume sales late last year and in April this year Asda set out its new target to double George sales. He declined to reveal the brand’s current UK sales, but the global business has sales of $4bn (£2.7bn).

Moore said the plan, which he developed with his predecessor Anthony Thompson, was to focus, drive and broaden the brand. He said George is now in the third phase - broadening the appeal.

The kidswear offer has been extended into the teen ages. Its older boys and girls sizing currently runs from ages four to 12 and from September will run from ages four to 14. Moore said: “We needed to offer more for teens, but make sure we get the fashionability right and not just offer smaller versions of the adults range. If the launch goes well, we will think about taking the age up to 16.”

George is garnering feedback from customers and Mumsnet on some of its ranges, and any changes will then be implemented into the following season’s ranges.

Moore is also confident of broadening George’s appeal through the roll-out of Asda Living shops, with the aim of hitting 150 in five years, and through dotcom - with a target of 10% of George sales coming via the website by 2013.

It also plans the roll-out of small ranges of George in the converted Netto shops, which will offer a click-and-collect service for the full George range.

The research will look at customer segmentation to ensure George hits the requirements of

different groups. Moore also said George will remain committed to quality and low prices and pointed to the global buying partnership with parent Walmart as key to driving growth over the next five years.