Music retailer HMV expects the late British soul singer Amy Winehouse’s best-selling album Back to Black to top the charts this weekend as saddened fans snap up her CDs.

A HMV spokesman said following the 27 year old’s death on Saturday, stocks of her CDs had nearly sold out in most stores. Retailers were waiting for more albums from her record company Universal. More supply was expected to be delivered yesterday.

The spokesman said fans were buying digital downloads from its website too, but added: “At such times people want the physical product to create a tangible connection to the star.”

He added: “Once stock is readily available it might get to number one later this week. Over the weekend there will be a big spike again.”

Back to Black is already the second biggest selling album of the last 10 years, after James Blunt. As Retail Week went to press Winehouse had three albums in the top 10, with the 2006 Back to Black at number two.