A former HMV worker who opened an entertainment shop called HVM has been forced to flip the shop’s fascia upside down after HMV complained.

Tony Cregan now runs the Derry-based store under the WAH fascia, which uses HMV’s iconic pink and black colour scheme inverted.

Cregan worked at HMV in Derry’s Richmond Centre for 10 years before it closed following the entertainment chain’s administration and eventual rescue by restructuring specialist Hilco.

Cregan told entertainment.ie: “We thought, what is the point calling the new shop Local CDs or whatever? We’ll just call it HVM. HMV is gone.”

But a week after the shop opened, HMV’s legal team sent Cregan a letter accusing him of harming HMV’s reputation by confusing shoppers who may think the two companies are linked.

But Cregan had the idea of turning the sign upside down after a customer who overheard the conversation about the sign said “HM what?”.

A small speech bubble has also been added to the sign, which reads: “His Master’s Voice has told us to change.”

Cregan said he is determined to fight his former employer with support from his local shoppers