Electricals group Best Buy has launched its transactional site, giving the new market entrant nationwide coverage at last.

The online store follows the opening of the retailer’s first big-box shops in this country, which began in the spring. At present there are six such stores trading, so the retailer has not been able to reach shoppers throughout the country.

As well as being transactional, the site has been designed to engage consumers with, for instance, more than 350 advice and inspiration guides to helping customers make the right purchase decisions. Such elements are intended to reflect and replicate the expertise and advice offered by the retailer’s famous ‘blueshirt’ staff in-store.

Best Buy online managing director DeVere Forster said: “The launch of our ecommerce store marks a key milestone and helps to make buying technology simple, inspiring and tailored to each of our customers.

“We are very excited that customers fm across the UK will now be able to experience the Best Buy brand for the first time.”