Dunelm has reported a 0.8% drop in like-for-likes for the 13 weeks to January 2, and results including the 53rd week of the last financial year.

When including that week, sales grew 3.9% to £221.5m due to the calendar including eight days of winter sales, compared to two days of winter sale for the comparative period in the previous year.

Home delivery generated year-on-year growth of £3.1m in the 13 weeks, increasing to £16.5m. This is a percentage increase of 23.4%. Like-for-like shop sales were up 2.6% to £205m in that period.

In the 26 weeks to January 2, like-for-like sales were up 2%. When taking into account the 53rd week they grew by 4.6% reaching £405m.

In that longer period, home delivery sales increased by 24.4% to £28m while in-store like-for-likes grew by 3.4% to £376.8m.

Chief executive John Browett said: “These trading numbers are a reasonable outcome given the unseasonably warm weather. We have had a very strong sale after Christmas and we expect further good progress in the second half.

“I am really pleased to have joined Dunelm. Clearly our proposition remains popular with customers and I look forward to working with the team here in fully delivering the potential of the business over the coming years.”