Warm weather helped increase sales at department store chain John Lewis and grocery stablemate Waitrose last week.

Turnover at John Lewis rose 12% year on year to £50.8m in the week to May 22. On a two-year basis the increase was 14%.

Demand for product such as sandals and dyed linen contributed to a 15% increase in fashion sales and the popularity of outdoor living lines helped deliver a 14% uplift in home sales.

The retailer also reported that the impending World Cup is prompting shoppers to upgrade their televisions.

Online sales rose 35.6%. Among the stores, Bluewater and Oxford Street were the leaders, reporting sales rises of 20% and 17% respectively.

Sales at Waitrose climbed 11.5% year on year to £95.2m and barbecue food was popular. Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak sales rose 42%, Aberdeen Angus rump steak burgers soared almost 160% and king prawn kebabs rocketed 674%.

Waitrose commercial director Richard Hodgson said: “Pimm’s seemed to be the barbecue drink of choice, up 80%, with cider and speciality lager also doing well.”