Forgottens, Utilitarians, Magpies and Heartfelts – these are the four new shopper personas retailers should build their strategies around, according to a major research report from Retail Week.

The new personas, based on a study of 2,000 UK consumers aged 18 to 55+, reveal how digital transformation has eroded traditional consumer demographics, as shoppers of all ages embrace the breadth of channels and innovations at their fingertips.

The report, What Consumers Really Want, also explores the rise of behavioural marketing as retailers vie to get closer to their customers, and the increasing importance of the chief customer role to enable retail boards to understand the desires of today’s consumers.

“Digital transformation has eroded traditional demographics, as shoppers of all ages embrace the breadth of channels and innovations at their fingertips”

Retailers already appealing to these new persona types, including Itch, Stitch Fix and Nespresso, are highlighted through a series of case studies in the report, along with key lessons for retailers about how these brands have shaped their businesses around the desires of modern consumers.

Below Retail Week offers a snapshot of two of the four shopper personas featured in the report:


Heartfelt shopper

Influenced by ethical values and takes sustainability very seriously. More sceptical than the average shopper of companies making ethical claims. Tends not to shop on impulse, preferring instead to plan and research purchases. Found across the age and social spectrum, but slightly more likely to be female. 



Forgotten shopper

Insists on being well informed before making a purchase. Research tends to be online but purchases are often completed in store, so delivering a great experience worthy of making the trip is vital. Favours knowledgeable and friendly staff to be on hand for assistance. Likes to be rewarded for their loyalty with discounts off their next purchase. 


Valitor What Consumers Really Want

Download What Consumers Really Want: Shoppers’ behaviours in an instant-everything world today to find out:

  • How to foster a closer connection to customers through behavioural profiling
  • Four shopper personas based on exclusive consumer research
  • How retailers can align their shopping experiences to cater to the desires and values of these modern shoppers
  • Case studies of retailers that have successfully created experiences based on the drivers and motivators of their customers.