Snapchat is becoming an important part of the shopping experience with 72% of its users engaging with the social network while in store, said its UK boss.

“Snapchat is genuinely forming part of that retail journey. People are using Snapchat while they’re shopping and they’re sharing it with their friends,” Snapchat UK general manager Claire Valoti told delegates at Retail Week Live.

“There’s an opportunity for brands to engage with an incredibly engaged audience.”

She also revealed that 60% of users have sent a photo of something they have just bought with their friends.

Valoti urged retailers to challenge Snapchat to create compelling experiences to engage shoppers.

She shared examples of retailers that have effectively used Snapchat such as Ebay, which has effectively created its own filter, and Burberry, which created its own advert for the platform.

She said an increasing number of retailers are using geo-fencing to offer bespoke filters and lenses for shoppers in store.

Who is Snapchat’s audience?

Snapchat, which was founded in 2011, is built to serve people’s desire to be creative and tell stories, explained Valoti.

The social platform has 10 million daily active users in the UK and 60% of its users create content every day. This equates to one billion snaps each day.

Valoti said that its users are evenly split between men and women and 77% are over 18 years old. Of those 77%, 43% are parents.