Chris Ronnie has sustained his attack on JJB Sports chairman Sir David Jones in a bid to improve his tarnished reputation after being dismissed from the retailer.

In a statement Ronnie said he was “distressed” to read that Jones “did not recall” an email in which Ronnie claims Jones expressed support for him and his strategy.

He disclosed extracts from several emails he alleges Jones sent, pledging support for Ronnie and including disparaging comments on certain other JJB directors.

Ronnie claims that Jones said in an email on October 6 2008: “You are not flavour of the month with the shareholders but the board must with one voice support you.

“Roger [Lane-Smith] should stay until we are ready to get rid of him – let him stay as chairman to take all the flac [sic]”

Ronnie said: “I only agreed to walk away from JJB without compensation because Sir David gave me his word that JJB would make no further attacks on me.

“I call on Sir David to set the record straight, and to apologise for the damage that he has done me and my family.”

Next month Ronnie will meet the Financial Services Authority to give his version of the events that led to him being sacked from the sportswear group.

No comment was available from JJB.