Rent-to-own electricals and furniture retailer BrightHouse revealed a 12.8% jump in underlying EBITDA to £44.8m.

Revenue was up 17.1% to £266.5m in the year March 31.

Operating profit increased from £33.6m to £34.8m.

The 253-store retailer has ramped up its shop opening programme, and will open 35 new stores in the current financial year, compared to 25 last year.

The retailer said since year end it has benefitted from a surge in TV sales due to Euro 2012 and the Olympics.

Brighthouse chief executive Leo McKee said: “BrightHouse has enjoyed another year of exceptional growth.

“With the overall retail landscape remaining unsettled, BrightHouse’s strong performance is noteworthy. 

We are accelerating our new store opening programme.  Thirty-five store openings are planned for 2012/13, which is a record number for BrightHouse. We are confident that both existing and new stores can continue to deliver solid growth and generate quality cash flow.

“BrightHouse is resilient and we remain committed to bringing value to our customers’ lives.”