Shopping centre bans hoodie tops and baseball caps
Bluewater shopping centre has drawn up a code of conduct for customers, which is effectively a zero tolerance stance on chavs. The centre held a series of workshops where Bluewater guests and staff were asked to comment on what they felt was needed to create a pleasant environment for shoppers. The result is a ban on anti-social behaviour. The following is banned by the centre:

  • Swearing and other intimidating behaviour

  • Pets, with the exception of assistance dogs

  • The wearing of clothing which obscures the face or head, including hooded tops or baseball caps

  • Headgear is allowed by the code if worn in accordance with religious beliefs

  • Groups of more than five - if they display no intention of shopping, they will be asked to leave the entire estate

The code has been endorsed by Kent County Constabulary which operates an on-site police station at Bluewater.

North Kent Supt Martin Hewitt said: 'By clearly setting acceptable standards of behaviour, this code will allow staff and police officers to work together in maintaining the quality of experience for guests.'