How can I beat my competitors when it comes to efficient stock delivery?

Efficiency within the supply chain is achieved through careful inspection and management at the appropriate level. Inspect which areas you want to measure in terms of efficiency and make sure all the metrics are well known and understood by everyone involved.

GT Nexus Europe managing director Andy Stinnes says it is important to measure the performance of all vendors in the supply chain, using scorecards and metrics. He says logistics service providers, vendors and production agents all need to understand exactly what the retailer is looking for. If the process is managed properly, retailers will be able to rely on them when they need to.

A solution that understands and uses these metrics, and makes them available during the supply chain process, is invaluable in the drive for an efficient and effective process.

Stinnes says there are four key characteristics of a high-functioning supply chain: visibility, in terms of being able to see all its facets and what is on the schedule; availability, a 24/7 system available in all locations and languages; capability, the ability to make changes to orders if the timeframe and location allow; and integrity, using clean, accurate data that is correctly managed to ensure consistency through the supply chain.

A supply chain that reflects these characteristics can react to changes and respond to unexpected circumstances in a timely manner, and allow for changes that reflect the needs of the organisation.