Retail Horizon 2022

Retail Week has relaunched its subscriber-exclusive strategic toolkit, Retail Horizon, mapping out the winning strategies for businesses in 2022 and beyond.

Over the past two years, retailers have learned the art of agility, flexibility and quick decision making. These new skills will continue to be required in 2022, as the pace of change shows no signs of slowing and external factors continue to challenge and disrupt the industry.

However, there are rewards for resilient, adaptable businesses. Despite ongoing challenges, the outlook for retail in 2022 is looking more positive as the industry recovers and new businesses step into the gaps left by the old guard such as Debenhams and Arcadia.

Building on our work last year, Retail Week has again assessed the major trends and disruption that will shape retail in 2022 using our STEPIC methodology, which looks at influences across society, technology, the economy, policy, industry and culture, with implications and case studies to help you plan for the future. 

Below is a sample from the Technology chapter of the toolkit:


Channels ‘no longer exist’

The pandemic has taught consumers to be digitally savvy and most now see the store and online as interchangeable. This means customers are demanding a digitally-led, unified experience when shopping with their favourite brands. 

Digital-first strategies can create emotional engagement through personalisation and loyalty initiatives. They can also enhance the store experience, whether by providing automated cashier-less convenience – such as Amazon Fresh or Tesco GetGo stores – or by increasing dwell time as customers scan products for additional information and inspiration. 

The modern consumer now sees brands, not channels, so a joined-up, personalised, digital-led approach is essential in order to succeed.  

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