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Should retailers offer free delivery from stores?

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As shopping becomes more of a leisure activity, do consumers want to lug heavy bags around with them? Could free delivery from stores protect the role of the shop?

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Is Ocado the grocery industry's antidote to Amazon?

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The value of retail fulfilment was laid bare last week when Ocado’s share price surged 80% after signing a distribution deal with US grocer Kroger.


How to nurture staff within your business

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Jill Maples, HR director at Hermes, reveals how the company retains staff, giving them an incentive to develop their skills and take on exciting opportunities.

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How Argos’ supply chain turned it from junk into jewel

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This time 10 years ago, many retail watchers were ringing the death knell for Argos. How times have changed, writes Gemma Goldfingle.


Opinion: Bridging the logistics skills gap

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It is well documented that several UK industries face a skills shortage that could be exasperated as Brexit negotiations are finalised over the next 11 months.