Administrator to kill off gift vouchers as department stores wind down
Allders is to stop redeeming its gift vouchers on March 1. This means that customers who have received Allders vouchers as Christmas presents have only 10 days to spend them or lose their value. The cut-off date is a month before the stores are due either to close down for good or begin being transferred to their new owners.

The move is intended to clear up staff confusion over whether the vouchers can still be used. Some Allders customers trying to pay with vouchers were refused last weekend, prompting Allders administrator Kroll to announce the cut-off date.

Allders administrator Alastair Beveridge urged customers with Allders gift vouchers to use them as soon as possible. He said: 'With Sales and Closing Down Sales operating across Allders stores, now is an even better time to use the vouchers to capitalise upon the bargains available.'