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    Communication is key


    A genuine commitment to communication is key to retail success, the World Retail Congress heard this afternoon.

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    Emerging markets offer risks and rewards


    The emerging markets represent a significant growth opportunity for retailers, but is not without risks and challenges, according to a panel of major international retailers and retail experts speaking at the World Retail Congress in Barcelona.

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    H&M tops Interbrand league


    H&M is Europe’s most valuable retail brand, worth €10.36 billion

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    Understanding the journey


    Technology should be used by retailers to enhance shoppers’ experience and better understand their needs, the World Retail Congress in Barcelona hears.

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    Retailers should pay more than lip service to sustainability


    Retailers need to make big changes and take tangible and measurable action now to make their businesses sustainable, according to a panel speaking at the World Retail Congress in Barcelona.

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    Quality service should be a priority


    Quality customer service has never been more important, as the internet has raised the stakes for retailers, delegates heard on Wednesday.

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    Green: evolution is key to survival


    Speaking at the World Retail Congress in Barcelona, Arcadia and Bhs chief executive Sir Philip Green warned that the tough economic conditions would expose who the good and bad retailers are.

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    The rebalancing has begun


    We are seeing the start of a rebalancing of the global economy that will have a huge impact on the global retail market.

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    The till roll contains the key to successful loyalty schemes


    The question of what loyalty actually means in a retail context was tackled today at the World Retail Congress.

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    Successful retail formats need to evolve and be created quicker


    In a session at the World Retail Congress today a panel of branding experts and retailers considered the elements involved in successful retail format creation.

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    Baugur focuses on e-commerce growth


    E-commerce is a key strategic focus for the Baugur group of companies as it looks to build sales across its portfolio, said executive chairman J n sgeir J hannesson at the World Retail Congress this afternoon.

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    Emerging markets are the future for luxury


    A panel of leading luxury retailers speaking at the World retail Congress has warned that the luxury market is not immune from the global credit crunch. Emerging markets and online will be the real earnings drivers in future.

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    Put the consumer at the heart of multichannel


    Multichannel retailing should be about allowing customers to access your services in whatever form they find easiest, while continuing to act as one business, the World Retail Congress heard this afternoon.

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    Retailers need to adapt to protracted slowdown


    The global retail sector is in for a protracted slowdown and retailers need to adapt their strategies in response, speakers warned at the opening session of this year's World Retail Congress.