Waterstone's boosts children's reading

Bookseller Waterstone's encouraged 5,000 children to spend their pocket money in its stores as part of a World Book Day promotion last week.

Waterstone's arranged visits by classes of children to 160 of its 198 stores. Goody bags with vouchers for Warner Brothers cinemas and Blockbuster videos also contained Waterstone's brochures, showing books against which the vouchers could be redeemed.

In addition, all school children in the UK received a£1 book voucher - paid for by World Book Day sponsors - on the day.

A spokeswoman for Waterstone's said: 'It's too early to say how it went.

But, overall, it's something Waterstone's gets behind 100 per cent.'

The vouchers can be redeemed against£1 World Book Day titles or 25 specially recommended books.