A ranking of the biggest retailers in the UK and a five-year forecast of the top 30 has revealed two new retailers will be joining the list.

Adidas Fifth Avenue 1

The analysis of retailers’ CAGR sees Adidas enter the top 30 by 2026

The Retail Week analysis of retailers’ compound annual growth rate (CAGR) found that The Range and Adidas would become two of the top 30 retailers in the UK by 2026. 

The Range is set to place at number 28 before FY2026, clocking up a CAGR of 7%, the second-fastest growth rate only to Amazon on the ranking. 

Retail Week data and insights director Lisa Byfield-Green said: “The Range saw sales soar during the pandemic. This growth slowed to single digits in 2021, but the company is building on its success by opening new stores, opening a new distribution centre – the largest in the UK this year – and establishing an online presence, all of which will lead to accelerated growth.

“We project that the online channel could grow to account for a significant share of sales over time and The Range’s new website is attractive and easy to navigate, particularly for a discounter.”

Adidas is also poised to amass higher-than-average growth with a CAGR of 6.5% increase to £1.77bn, taking it to the final spot in the top 30.  

Byfield-Green said: “Adidas is increasingly differentiating its proposition and has become an aspirational brand, which makes it highly desirable even as overall discretionary spending is reined in. Direct-to-consumer and sustainability are at the heart of its strategy, which chimes with the modern consumer, particularly as Gen Z comes of age.

“Adidas has also increased its presence and brand recognition with its differentiated and highly aspirational stores such as the LDN concept on Oxford Street.”

As a result of the new entries, despite having a higher-than-average growth rate of 4.3%, AO.com will be pushed out of the ranking within the next few years, as will eBay with a slightly below-average CAGR of 3% to £1.61bn.