M&S staff members call for agreement
Usdaw has launched a campaign for recognition at top retailer Marks & Spencer.

Union members are handing out postcards today to M&S customers outside stores across the UK. According to the union, the retailer makes much of its ethical trading stance but refuses to recognise Usdaw for collective bargaining.

Usdaw general secretary John Hannett said: 'Usdaw has seen a large number of hard-working M&S staff become union members and they simply want their employer to recognise Usdaw for collective bargaining.'

He added: 'We are confident that ethical shoppers will understand there is a contradiction between selling cups of fair trade coffee in M&S cafés and a reluctance to recognise a trade union that can bring more than a hundred years of retail expertise into the company.

'Usdaw's M&S members are determined to gain recognition and as more and more join each week we hope that M&S will sit down with us so we can discuss a recognition agreement that will benefit all parties.'