Tesco adds to healthy living range
A year ago this week, Boots was wielding the redundancy axe at its headquarters in Nottingham. The pharmacist wanted to cut 600 jobs and warned staff that it wanted to halve the total headcount within a year and a half.

A year later and Boots is still looking to cut costs, but is looking at property rather than people. The firm is reportedly mulling a£300 million property sale. The retailer would sell a portion of its 1,400 stores and then lease them back from the new owner. This would cause no disruption in trading, but cash from its retail property would be released. Boots officially denied the story, but the property world remains certain there is something to the rumours.

Twelve months ago, supermarket Tesco was in the news for adding an extra 100 lines to its Healthy Living range. This gave Tesco 500 healthy lines in total. A year on and more and more food retailers are pushing healthier options. Asda this week claimed to have doubled sales of healthy products - partly as a result of customer's making New Year's resolutions to eat better.