Tesco.com set for more growth

Tesco.com can sustain the growth it has enjoyed in the past two years and maintain its firm grip on the online grocery sector, according to chief executive Laura Wade-Gery.

She said: 'All the evidence suggests yes (we can continue to keep growing at the same rate). If you think about it, although we are delivering way more than everyone else put together, we still only do 120,000 orders a week. So there's quite a few people that aren't ordering from us yet.'

In the past three years, Tesco.com has grown sales by 67 per cent to£577 million. Profit for the year to February 28 increased to£28 million, up from£12 million the previous year.

Wade-Gery, who recently took up the post, added that Tesco.com plans to continue expanding its non-food range to drive growth. She said: 'We are looking across a lot of different categories in order to bring the Tesco non-food range to more people.'