Christmas sales confirm the two grocers as the dominant pair
Tesco and Asda appear to be the grocery winners this Christmas, according to the latest TNS Superpanel report.

Measuring the past 12 week's sales to January 2 and comparing the results with the 12 weeks to January 4 last year, the UK's two top supermarket chains reached 29 per cent and 17.1 per cent market share respectively. Tesco gained 13 per cent of the market over the year, with Asda's share rising by 6 per cent.

On the other end of the scale, Morrisons and Budgens were the losers, both seeing their market shares decrease by 11 per cent.

However, the biggest gain year on year is Waitrose, which increased its share by 18 per cent.

TNS Communications director Edward Garner said: 'Tesco continues its remarkable rise and, far from running out of steam, its growth has accelerated. Asda also achieved a record share, helped by seasonal sales of non-foods.

'Waitrose is seeing the benefit of the extra stores acquired from Morrisons. Sainsbury's, while not setting any records, has slowed its rate of decline. Christmas is traditionally a strong time [for Sainsbury's] and the share duly rose for the fourth period in succession in the run-up to Christmas.'