A creative and innovative approach to loyalty schemes can build long-term and profitable relationships between retailers and customers.


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It’s a fact that lengthening customer relationships with your organisation drives significant increases in profits. But the commoditisation of traditional card-based loyalty schemes means retailers must look to new technology for innovative ways of engaging with their customers and driving loyalty.

Today more than 53% of food retailers offer card-based loyalty programmes and the ubiquity of traditional points-based schemes has undermined their value to customers.

Data suggests more than half of traditional loyalty memberships are inactive (no engagement within a 12-month period), so it’s clear that retailers who innovate and differentiate their loyalty engagement can benefit significantly.

Part of the issue with traditional loyalty models is the common currency basis – i.e. one point for every £1 spent. This stored value mechanic means a customer must diligently participate in the programme for significant periods of time in order to accrue any useful reward.

Once a customer has stored any significant value, the reward does not connect the customer to the brand. That means it is as generic as money and is neither unique nor compelling.

It is no surprise that initial customer engagement in a programme often turns to apathy.

A more fundamental issue with this currency-based approach is its one-size-fits-all ethos. It does not match the key aim of loyalty engagement: to incentivise more profitable behaviour at the individual level.

For example, a customer who visits a coffee shop each morning to purchase the same cappuccino has a very narrow, single-product relationship with that retailer. Rather than extend a simple visit- or spend-based loyalty offer to this customer – which will likely just equate to a net discount – the retailer should seek to incentivise the customer to try its extended product range and deepen its relationship with them.

Ecrebo technology helps retailers respond to these challenges by leveraging customer mobile devices and PoS-based software to enable individual-level loyalty engagement without the need for any additional cards or tracking infrastructure.

The same technology that powers personalised engagement at till enables retailers to append a unique QR code to the bottom of existing transaction receipts.

That QR code bridges the bricks-and-mortar and digital worlds.

Using a well-understood ‘stamp card’ format, retailers can engage customers with campaigns based on short-term, behaviour-based offers. For example, customers could be encouraged to buy four cappuccinos in a month to get a free pastry.

Customers engage with current offers using mobile devices and scan receipt-based QR codes to progress towards offer goals.

Driving loyalty in this way means retailers can drive changes in behaviour rather than simply rewarding customers for patronage.

‘Stamps’ can be rewarded based on factors such as product/SKU, location, spend level, time and date. This allows retailers to create compelling campaigns offering specific rewards in return for specific behaviour.

That ability to reward based on SKU-level behaviour opens the door for supplier/ brand-funded initiatives and minimises the administration required for these campaigns.

Using the stamp card format means engaged customers see visible progress every time they scan and are rewarded much more frequently than with traditional stored-value schemes.

Short-term stamp card campaigns require much less commitment than static points-based loyalty schemes and real-time analysis delivers insight quickly as to the most effective engagement strategies.

Using mobile to engage with customers in this way means retailers can run multiple campaigns in parallel and capture historic customer data without the need for physical loyalty cards.

Using Ecrebo’s Attune platform, personalised stamp card campaigns can be created and deployed quickly, delivering a truly dynamic channel for loyalty engagement with a focus on rewarding customers frequently and deepening customer relationships.

Ecrebo has processed more than 2 billion transactions and powered delivery of more than 300 million personalised customer engagements. Our solution powers customer engagement for some of the UK’s largest retailers.

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This is an advertorial provided by Ecrebo.