Ted Baker unveiled interactive store windows yesterday as part of its shoppable film campaign for spring/summer.

The screens, made by Nexus Interactive Arts, are part of Ted Baker’s Keeping Up with the Bakers campaign and encourage passers-by to immerse themselves in its idyllic world of 1950s Americana.

Shoppers can place their palms on window-mounted sensors to have their photo taken and composited into an element of the window set dressing, which includes a television, a window and picture on the wall.

The same photo is then published on tedbaker.com to allow that individual to share their image on social media channels.

The retailer’s Regent Street store adds ’Whispering Window’ technology to this setup, converting the whole window into a speaker that plays music into the street.

Nexus Interactive Arts head Luke Ritchie said: “Ted Baker have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They want to experiment, have fun, and offer their customers a totally unique experience.

“During the production process we shared a simple goal: to aim for maximum engagement with the brand and campaign at street level in the most effortless way.”