The John Lewis Partnership has relaunched its broadband service under the John Lewis brand to reflect its “excellent customer service” offering.

John Lewis broadband will replace its existing broadband services through the brand and the broadband available through its grocery business Waitrose.

The retailer wants broadband to be an extension of its wi-fi enabled product offering.

John Lewis telecoms manager Adam Brown said: “This move complements the range of services and products we offer - over 80% of all our consumer electronics sales are WiFi enabled and we know our customers want the same honest and trustworthy experience from their internet provision as they would expect from any product they buy from us.”

The move extends John Lewis’ service portfolio as it already offers insurance to customers.

Supermarkets in particular have also found value in creating more service-based offers for customers. Tesco offers insurance, banking, telecommunications and broadband, while Asda and Sainsburys offer insurance, with the latter also offering banking.