A smartphone app called Behind the Lines has been developed to allow UK shoppers to check ethical information about products.

Affluent consumers are more attuned to the brands with ethical values

Consumers can use the app to scan an item’s barcode and see a rating on a number of ethical practices from the environment to workers’ rights and product sustainability.

Behind the Lines co-founder Michael Wignall said: “Behind the Lines is specifically designed for the UK’s ethically motivated shoppers.

“Mobile devices are the obvious way to deliver the information to consumers and the app will provide instant, on-the-spot discovery for them to use and share.”

Users will be able to customise the different aspects of businesses’ ethical ratings based on their priorities. The app will also provide more information if a product is flagged as unethical in any way.

Behind the Lines will allow shoppers to share the results of their scans on social media.

The app developers aim to raise £100,000 through the equity-crowdfunding platform InvestingZone to fund its development.