Currys has unveiled its first suite of products available through its new retail media network, Currys Connected Media.


“No retailer in the UK is better placed to connect brands with tech-shopping consumers than Currys”

Currys Connected Media enables partnered brands to understand and reach out to millions of customers online and in-store.

Brands, including Samsung, Acer and Hisense, are using Currys Connected Media, where first-party customer data is leveraged, to understand what customers like to shop for.

A suite of advertising tools then helps brands to act on these customer insights, allowing them to directly engage customers at the point of purchase.

The Currys Tech Insights platform, which transforms the retailers’ first-party customer data into “actionable insights” for Currys and partners, sits at the core of Currys Connected Media.

Partner brands using the platform can choose to be supported by an in-house consultancy to gain knowledge of topics including ranging, pricing and customer insights. Brands can then anticipate customers’ current and future shopping needs.

Tech Hunters and Tech Buyers

Currys Connected Media also gives brands the tools to act on these insights, through Tech Hunters and Tech Buyers targeted advertising.

Tech Hunters is built on first-class tech from Publicis agency Epsilon to “increase the reach available to Currys’ brand partners across the open web.”

Tech Buyers is Currys onsite retail media capability which “brings brands closer to the point of sale” through ad placements on search, category, and product detail pages.

Currys chief data officer Susie Moan said: “No retailer in the UK is better placed to connect brands with tech-shopping consumers than Currys, as no other company can match our omnichannel customer touchpoints.

“Currys Connected Media combines this unique position with best-in-class insight and targeting technology to create a market-leading retail media network that allows brands to more intelligently understand, engage and sell to shoppers than ever before… and we’re delighted to partner with some of the most prestigious tech brands out there.”