How AI in UK retail has moved to the mainstream

Braze Beyond the Hype report

AI is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. But how can you implement AI to generate real return on investment?  

Look no further than Retail Week’s illuminating new report Beyond the Hype: How AI in UK retail has moved to the mainstream, which reveals how 18 of the UK’s biggest retailers are making AI pay and how your business can too. 

Access your free copy of the report for tangible use cases showing how AI can be harnessed to boost efficiencies, streamline operations and maximise growth.

You will also discover:  

  • Why AI is here to stay – analysing AI’s current and future impact on retail    
  • How to seize the opportunity – how retailers from The Very Group to Charlotte Tilbury are seeing real ROI    
  • Identifying the challenges – how to strategise to avoid the pitfalls    
  • Maintaining balance – how to get AI implementation right for your workforce