Amazon is developing a mobile app that would pay members of the public to drop off deliveries en route to other destinations.

The ‘On My Way’ initiative would also sign up bricks-and-mortar retailers to store the packages and would involve Amazon renting space from them or paying a fee per package, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sources told the paper it is still possible Amazon will not move ahead with the initiative.

Other companies are already exploring the possibility of crowdsourced delivery including Deliv, Uber and Instacart.

This is the latest delivery option under consideration by Amazon as it continues apace with attempts to introduce delivery by drone.

However, Amazon’s drone plans have hit a number of stumbling blocks around restrictions put in place by aviation authorities.

Other innovative fulfilment options being explored by Amazon include deliveries to the boots of Audi cars in Germany.

Earlier this month Amazon introduced an ‘add-on items’ scheme that will allow Amazon Prime Members to bundle together low-priced products to qualify for free delivery on orders of over £20.

For instance, if a consumer bought three £7 boxes of chocolates, each of which was labelled as an ‘add-on item’, their order would receive one day delivery at no extra cost.