At this time of year for retailers there is only one objective: sell, sell, sell (at an appropriate margin naturally), while for shoppers it’s a case of buy, buy, buy (at the lowest possible mark-up, of course).

Getting the two to marry up is tricky for no better reason than this is the time of year when every retailer puts its best foot forward and shoppers do have a habit of going with what is best, brightest and most original.

For which reason, The Conran Shop at the very upscale end of the Fulham Road in London should have more than its fair share of visitors. Given the amount of (relatively unseasonal) snow that London has enjoyed recently, a window purporting to be full of the stuff might seem a little like overkill. But this is abstract designer snow and the blazing white light that it has been bathed in calls to mind a Nordic vista with Santa up at the North Pole.

The other point is that although there is a lot of product in the windows, it doesn’t detract from the scheme overall and the choice of brightly coloured stock against a white background does serve to bring it to the foreground. You also have to like the manner in which the whole display has been created, by cutting holes in the translucent white screen that is attached to the glass; the whole frontage looks like a series of reveals.

This is one of the better Christmas shopfronts that London has to offer, but if you want to see more, turn to page 31 in next week’s Retail Week Interiors magazine, that accompanies the December 17 issue of Retail Week, where there’s a full analysis of the good, the bad and the relatively ugly.