By the time you read these words the store in question will have closed.

Technology magazine Wired opened its pop-up shop last Friday in the Quadrant Arcade on Regent Street (home in a previous life, at the end of 2009, to a Marmite pop-up). For those who are unaware of Wired, it is a publication for those in search of the zeitgeist as far as technology is concerned, and the aim of the shop was to bring the December issue to life.

The two-floor store had everything from a TV with a camera that turns your image into a series of spikes, but which remain recognisably you (pictured), to a 3D printing machine – the MakerBot Replicator.

Both of these were interesting enough in their own right, but the fact that they had been incorporated as part of a broader look at technologies that we might find in our homes in 2013 added to this.

Most of the widgets and gadgetry (not cheap) was on the ground floor and was displayed, museum style, in what was a white box with lots of natural daylight as, in spite of the arcade location, the store had a large window facing onto Regent Street.

A trip upstairs took shoppers to a lounge where they could relax, do some work or just stare out at fellow customers. There were other parts of this pop-up, occupying separate Quadrant Arcade units, with Makies – dolls with personalised, computer-drawn faces – as part of the mix.

All of this, however, was up until Wednesday – so you have missed it, and it was good.