Australian tea specialist T2 has opened a small but beautiful store, its sixth in the UK, on London’s Regent Street.

T2, the Australian retailer of loose tea and all the paraphernalia associated with making a brew, has opened its third UK store, and it has gone big with a shop on Regent Street.

Launching on this prestigious thoroughfare is not a decision to be taken lightly because even for a small shop the sales have to be substantial to cover the rent, unless the store is a vanity or perhaps ‘marketing’ project.

But T2 is a real shop. It takes the brand’s trademark interior with black fixtures and a dark wood wall, which provides a sharp contrast with the bright colours of the merchandise’s packaging.

And as well as a graphic illustrating “The Tea Process” next to the cash desk, the area behind the tills consists of a pattern that might be described as a series of 2D Rubik’s Cubes. This is a carefully honed interior.

The merchandise falls readily into the ‘affordable treat’ category, meaning that it is likely to attract reliable footfall.