The Osnabrück outpost of grocer-cum-general merchandise retailer Marktkauf, in north Germany, has just come through a complete makeover, courtesy of design consultancy Interstore Italia.

The 6,200 sq m store, originally opened in 1971, puts communication at the heart of things.

Practically this means large signs bearing legends such as ‘Früstück’, all things to do with breakfast, and ‘Info’, mobile phones and electronics, giving the interior a category rather than product-based feel.

Fresh fruit and veg are given the increasingly familiar market treatment, but pride of place probably goes to the cheese counter, which features an overhead raft of treated timber and an upscale ambience.

The clarity and outsize scale of the signage in this store make navigation very straightforward, as well as promoting a warm sense, thanks to the use of vivid colour, coupled with plain timber finishes.

It is frequently said that supermarket retailing is about evolution not revolution and this store is no exception. That said, it is a good example of the best in class at the moment.