It’s been a while since beauty specialist Sephora appeared in the UK, and then disappeared, but in the interim it has flourished elsewhere.

The retailer recently unveiled a ‘store of the future’ on San Francisco’s Powell Street, which is designed to offer shoppers education and entertainment about the products on offer.

At the heart of this single-floor shop is a space dubbed the ‘beauty workshop’ where visitors can share ideas with beauty ‘peers’ and watch online make-up tutorials.

According to Uxus, the Dutch design company that worked on the project, the many integrated digital touchpoints ensure shoppers are able to find out more about the available products, wherever they happen to be in the shop.

The San Francisco store is the testing ground for this new approach, and further locations are planned across the US.

Given the level of in-store innovation that Sephora is generating, it is hard not to wonder whether it might stage a comeback in the UK.