The budget clothes chain has once again taken location to its heart, this time exuding everything Amsterdam in its new store on Damrak avenue.

Primark has been one of the leading exponents of making its new store environments appropriate for the location in which they are sited, and the recently opened store on Amsterdam’s Damrak is a case in point.

With an interior created by HMKM and JCA Architects, the store is the embodiment of Amsterdam – from the three crosses that adorn streets across the city being adopted for the internal signage, to an illustration behind the cash desks of the long, tall houses that line the canals (the handiwork of Daniel Clarke).

There is also the outsized map on the escalator wall that has become a feature of new Primark stores everywhere, and here it takes the form of a stylised Amsterdam street plan with only the position of Primark on the Damrak highlighted.

Worth noting too are the chequerboard tiles on the floors across the store, looking like something out of a Vermeer painting.

It’s simple, but the execution is slick, and those familiar with anything about Amsterdam would recognise the references. That’s what localisation is all about.