For those who don’t know it, Lindex is a young fashion brand with stores in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Central Europe and Russia and, most recently, the Middle East, where it started a franchise operation in 2011.

The bulk of this Swedish retailer’s stores are in Scandinavia, and this is the recently opened Oslo flagship, which follows a design created by London consultancy Dalziel + Pow.

As this store is housed in a heritage building in the heart of the city, care has been taken to emphasise its architecture, with the façade flooded in shades of red, taken from the Lindex brand palette. This is probably rather more important in Oslo than it might be in more southerly cities, bearing in mind the many months of the year when long periods of darkness descend upon the metropolis. It also features an illuminated entrance ceiling that serves to bring shoppers in from the street.

Within, care has been taken to use locally sourced materials, and strong geometric patterns are used overhead to provide interior statements and to maintain interest levels. Worth noting too is the way in which the ceiling has been blacked out, helping to keep the shopper’s gaze at equipment level, rather than staying upwards in this high-ceilinged interior.

There is much talk about Scandi retail brands and with names from the H&M stable now familiar worldwide, store and product design from this part of the world far exceed what might be expected from such relatively small populations. Lindex has actually been in existence as a retailer since the 1960s, but it is only recently that it has made the trek southwards.

The Oslo store shows that there are gems in a city that is not normally a major feature on the retail map.